Not My Brother’s Keeper

Caller: I see on your website that Item X is not shipping til February. Do you know how accurate that is?

Me: I would assume fairly accurate if it’s posted that way.

Caller: Well, I called the manufacturer and they said it wouldn’t be available until April.

Me: Well then if the manufacturer is saying that, then I would tend to believe them.

Caller: Do you know if they would make the items available to you before they would sell it themselves?

WIDTS: And who did you call again sir? That’s what I thought. NOT the Psychic Friends Network and NOT the manufacturer. So why would I know what that company would or wouldn’t do?


*Actual caller handled by me while working for an answering service. Names & Identifying information have been changed. Bolded text is what I DESIRED to say…*

© 2010 by What I Desired to Say….

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