Too Much…

Wrong Way (Not a Good Route)

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Me: Thank you for calling ABC Consulting*. How may I help you?

Caller: I would like you to stop sending me jewelry.

Me: I think you have the wrong #. We are a technology consulting firm.

Caller: Well, that lady done gave me this number. I want you to stop sending me jewelry!

Me: What number did you call?

Caller: Well I called her @ 866-555-3862.

Me: I’m sorry. I can see that I was not specific enough. What # did you call me at?

Caller: Oh. well I called 888-805-8057855.

Me: Ok. Do you realize that is too many digits?

Caller: That’s the # she gave me.

Me: Ok. Firstly, the number you were given is too long. I mean seriously. How many phone #’s in your life have you dialed in the USA that are longer than 10 digits? NONE! Secondly, you apparently have transposed a digit in the # you dialed. My Number, here @ ABC Consulting, a TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING FIRM, is 888-805-8058, NOT 888-805-8057. Have a smarter day!


*Actual caller handled by me while working for an answering service. Names & Identifying information have been changed. Bolded text is what I DESIRED to say…*

© 2010 by What I Desired to Say….

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