Idiot Fee

Me: OK the night attendant will be there in about 20 minutes and you will need to meet them @ the phone you are currently calling from.

Caller: Right where I’m at now. OK

25 minutes later

Caller: Remember I called a little while ago about being locked out of my room?

Me: Yes, the night attendant should be there shortly.

Caller: I’m parked over by my room. Should I go wait by the phone?

WIDTS: Ma’am, I must let you know that a new charge will appear on your bill upon checkout. It will be labeled Clerk Inconvenience Fee. However, I feel I should tell you that we refer to it as an Idiot Fee.

*Actual caller handled by me while working for an answering service. Names & Identifying information have been changed. Bolded text is what I DESIRED to say…*

© 2010 by What I Desired to Say….

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