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“Question” posted on a popular Q&A site: Why are some people so insensitive about animals dying.?

A feral cat, Alice, that I had fed for over 5 years in a wooded apt complex was killed by a car on Dec. 26, 2010. When I found her she was in rigor mortis (2:30pm) and since it was a cold, snowy day, I figured she had been dead 4 to 6 hours. I was driving to the wooded area when I saw a heap in the street…knowing it was an animal. Shocked to find that it was one of mine…my favorite little lady, Alice. She was a sweet cat although feral and would not let me or anyone too close to her. Her eye was knocked out of her head and I have read online that this is common from the impact of the car or vehicle. I was in shock and devastated and have cried for hours and days. I have read comments from others online who talk about how they cried for their pet. I even saw a man and his wife on tv who cried because a policeman shot his dog in the face for no reason. I understand. Animals that we care for are like family members…although our animal family. We grow to love them and are heartbroken when something happens to them. I do not understand how anyone could have killed my Alice and left her laying in the middle of the street. I found her on a Sunday. I did not notice that she was in a pool of blood until after I picked her up and bagged her and placed her in my trunk. (I used gloves and large plastic bags that I carry.) I am well aware that authorities do not want the public to handle dead animals. However, I have done this before and thank goodness can handle it for the moment although I breakdown later. It’s a job I must do and I do it.
It has troubled me that I believe a resident recklessly backed out of his parking space at a high rate of speed and whipped his car around toward the entrance to drive out, not giving Alice a chance to get out of the way of car of death. How insensitive! I watched him drive this way today
I do not believe that most people who hit animals are NOT aware of it. I will not give them that benefit since when I run over anything in the road, I am aware of it. If you are a reckless driver…driving very fast…running over bumps in the road or small animals this may not mean anything.
To those who want to confront the person who killed their animal, I understand. I wanted to confront the person; also as one poster commented…leave a note on the windshield that would have been cowardly on my part. I have mulled over these thoughts and others, including throwing a rock through the car window. Wrong!
Anything of this nature would be counterproductive and wrong. Writing a note or confronting the person would also be counterproductive because they probably would not care; would become defensive and perhaps combative.
Any person who kills an animal in the street with a car and keeps going; leaving the animal to suffer and die or perhaps it died instantly, is a person who is dishonest, cruel and not to be trusted. These types of people are among the lowest kind. It has been said (by someone) that you can often judge a nation by the way it treats its animals.
Suffice it to say, I am heartbroken over my little lady Alice dying such a horrible death; heartbroken that she was left in the middle of the cold road as if she were a rag, and devastated that she did not have a chance to get out of the way of the car. She was feral; not a pet, so the outdoors was her home. Even though I trapped her months earlier to have a dislocated leg taken care of and my vet spayed her, Alice did not want to stay in my backyard playhouse after she recuperated. She wanted to be free in the woods that she loved and knew with her friends Little Boy and Tommy.
Also, she could not roam free in my yard because I am also a Birder; there are hawks and foxes that hunt in the backyard as well. Even though I did not want to take Alice back to the complex, I did for her happiness even though I always worried about the possibility of Alice and the other cats being hit by a car.
In hindsight, of course, I would not have taken her back to be killed. But c’est la vie. There was nowhere else to take her. I could not simply dump her in another woods where she was unfamiliar.
In conclusion, it is okay to grieve for a pet or a feral cat that was like a pet. It was a life and all life is precious. My dilemma now is whether to trap and remove the other cats from the complex before they are killed by cars. But…where to take them? 

My Alice is buried near the cannas in my backyard where she once hid when she escaped from the playhouse. I buried her with her head pointed toward the rising sun…just thought that was fitting. Before shoveling the soil over her, I said some prayers. There was a reason for her time of death since her mama found her and brought her home rather than the county or some janitor throwing her in a dumpster. It was meant for me to find my Alice. She is now home.

Tears are therapeutic, as well as comments to others who understand. Thankyou.

WIDTS: At the risk of being considered insensitive: Can you say Cat Lady in 20 years?

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