Are You Mr. Pot or Mr. Kettle?

Speak & Spell

Image by unloveablesteve via Flickr

Question found on a popular Q&A site: How come Cragslist scammers can’t spell? I mean like I post and ad and I get this “i saw your ad.if item still available,i will meet price. please let me know when will arrive. thanks.”

WIDTS: How come Craigslist question askers can’t spell, hmm? Notice the “I” in Craigslist? And I see nothing wrong with the spelling, just the grammar and punctuation.

I find it funny that someone complaining about spelling can’t even spell themselves and can’t differentiate between proper spelling,  improper grammar and punctuation. If you’re going to bitch about spelling maybe you should be using spell check before you post and maybe, just maybe, you should learn the difference between spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Because NONE of those words in quotations are spelled incorrectly.

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