‘Roid Rage

Lawrence roid rages

Image by permanently scatterbrained via Flickr

Question found on a popular Q&A Site: Would you categorize this as bad sportsmanship?

I was playing yahtzee the other night with my family and one of my neighbors, Ned. I am a very competitive person by nature; all American heavyweight wrestler, scratch golfer, scratch bowler, ranked inside top 100 in Call of Duty.. I know, the last one was pathetic, but I assure you I am not, considering I make 6 figures a year. I ended up losing to Ned by one point which actually pissed me off to an incredible extent. Following his victory, Ned felt it necessary to taunt me and put his score sheet in my shirt pocket. Although he was being playful, I reacted out of anger during the time and smacked him 4 times in the head with the yahtzee box.. I proceeded to stick my finger in his face and yelled “F*** You Ned!” I then flipped the table over, stormed out the front door, got on my motorcycle and sped around the neighborhood in complete and utter distress.

WIDTS: Wow. I think we need to get Congress alerted to the apparent rampant steroid abuse in Yahtzee.

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