Not a MacGyver

Question recently posed on a popular Q&A site: How to make a 30 inch circle for patterning my shotgun?

I recently got a shotgun for waterfowl hunting. I would like to pattern my gun with several different brands of shells. Everything I read says to pattern your gun you shoot at your paper and then draw a 30 inch circle around the densest part of your pattern. Great!…. except how the heck am I supposed to draw a 30 inch circle. It’s not like I can estimate how big a circle that is and be accurate, and I am pretty sure they don’t make compasses that large. I’m not sure the measurements required to measure out a 30 inch circle. I know a 30 inch circle isn’t 30 inches around and I’m pretty sure it’s not 30 inches from one side to the other. I’ve also tried to find 30 inch circle targets so I can just buy them already there on the paper for me. No luck. So everything is telling me to draw my 30 inch circle but no one is telling me how to do it or measure it! It’s actually kind of frustrating. You think you’d be able to find more info on this on the internet. I wish I would have payed more attention in school when they taught us how to measure circumference.
WIDTS: MacGyver you’re not sir. Or MacGruber even.
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