Need to Know Basis

Nobody home

Nobody home

Caller: Can you tell me if there is someone from my company exhibiting @ your June Conference?

Me: I’m sorry I cannot. I can have the registrar get back to you with that info if you’d like.

Caller: Is there any way I could find out now?

Me: I suppose asking your co-workers would be out of the question or you wouldn’t be calling us, right?

Caller: My co-workers? Why would they know?

WIDTS: Well if they’re exhibiting at the conference I would hope they would be aware of the fact in order for them to be prepared to travel to the conference, check into a hotel room, set up an exhibit and spread the word about your business, you know? If they are not exhibiting, then they haven’t made those plans and therefore would know they aren’t going to be exhibiting.

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