What a bunch of Yahoo!’s

And by Yahoo!‘s, I mean morons.  So I visit the Yahoo! Answers site frequently and there are quite a lot of questions that are half-assed. This is either due to the teenager asking crap like “Would it be possible for me to dig my way to China?” or the questions that ask us to assume facts not in evidence. I love it because I get to mock these people on my blog. It’s so fun. But occasionally, my tongue-in-cheek answers get reported to “Customer Care” and I get a “Violation Notice” email.

I answered a question that had no other information other than,”How do I change my password?”. So my “answer” was, “First off, specify WHICH password you want to change.” and I of course got sent a “Violation Notice”. No biggie, I’ve had numerous answers that were snarkier than this not be reported, so I figured I’d appeal because logic would dictate that for me to knowledgeably answer this question, I’d need to know which password the fool wanted to change, right? Well, apparently logic is a preciously rare resource over at Yahoo! Answers as my appeal was declined.

Therefore, from now on, the gloves are off asswipes. I will no longer try to be even remotely helpful. Any “answer” I will provide will be snarky, sarcastic and maybe even a tad caustic.

Stay tuned…


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