Ultimate n00b

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I’m playing a MMORPG where to join a group, you need to be within 5 levels of another player. And the following exchange takes place:

elicin: hey any1 in this cave

Me: Yes

elicin: wanna group up?

Me: What lvl R U?

elicin: 19

Me: Then you’re too low for me.

elicin: wat lvl r u?

Me: 29

elicin: then im 5 lvls away to group u

WIDTS: In what new math has 10 become the new 5?

elicin: im 19 your 29 and u need to be 5 lvls apart to group duh

Me: (silence)

elicin: now im leaving this cave

WIDTS: I should hope that you are going back to 1 of 2 pursuits. Either math class or the rules of the game. noob!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate n00b

  1. Are you sure he didn’t mean that if he grew 5 levels he could group you?
    Like, did he mean that in 5 levels he could group you?

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