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WIDTS: Care to try again Answerer 1? And as far as the question goes, as Weird Al Yankovic sang, “Eat It!”

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Now This Is Ironic

WIDTS: Sure, Mexicans would love to have all of their country’s jobs taken by gringos so they would have even more of an excuse to come to America and take our jobs.

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Like a Virgin!

WIDTS: Asking that question on a Internet Q&A site means that you are too young to be using the internet unsupervised. Please ask your parents.

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His Quitness comments on why LeBron deserves to have his jersey retired:

he may have came away empty handed as far as rings, but he still gave Cleveland the best basketball they’d ever had. he made watching the Cavs fun for 7 seasons. i know he screwed us over in the end, but in my opinion, his jersey still belongs in the rafters.

WIDTS: No one that stabs his HOME town team in the back like he did after only SEVEN years does NOT deserve to have his jersey retired. Period. End of Story.


Lebron’s jersey will be retired in Cleveland. so will Z’s. thats the way it should be. everybody there hates him now, but some of that will fade with time. and it doesn’t change the fact that he gave Cleveland the best years in the history of the franchise.

WIDTS: “The Decision” cancelled out all of the “good” he did in the previous seven years.


All things considered and aside, He deserves to have his jersey retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers one day. I personally, think the timing is wrong to even be bringing it up, wayyy too soon to be talking about that, all things considered.

WIDTS: Yes let’s consider all things shall we? He joined the team fresh out of high school and for 7 years played for as much money as he could hamstringing the team’s efforts to build a Championship quality team around him. Then for 2 years, he basically did what anyone would do and played his cards close to the vest to boost interest. I have no problem with that. However, at the end of the season, before the free agency period started he  owed it to his “beloved” fans and team to tell the team he wasn’t coming back. I know that isn’t legally required, but leaving as he did on national TV was like you or I finding a new job, taking all of our accrued vacation and sick time at our old job and then when all of that had run out, sending a company-wide e-mail saying you had quit once you stopped showing up for work. If we did that, the old company would NEVER give us a good letter of recommendation. The non-retirement of his jersey is him not receiving his letter of recommendation.


hes the franchise leader in points, minutes, and steals, he took the franchise to its only Finals, and he made a cellar dwelling team fun to watch for 7 years. sounds like a retired jersey to me.

WIDTS: No, sounds like a sorry Cleveland franchise history if he can do all of that in only 7 years.

how can people in Cleveland honestly say he shouldn’t have his jersey retired? He gave them the only 2 60-win seasons they have ever had/probably will ever have based on how they look now. He’s taken them to the only Finals appearance in franchise history. He is the best player to ever play for them, as evidenced by his stats. He made them MILLIONS in ticket sales, jersey sales, etc. For 7 years he made the city of Cleveland relevant. At least if they retire his jersey with some grace then history will remember them with sympathy as the team Lebron couldn’t get a championship, rather than it being the Orlando to LA’s Shaq: the team that drafted him, that NOONE cares about/remembers if he wins some rings with Miami.

WIDTS: See you just don’t get it. The way he left town was mean-spirited and gave no thought to anyone other than himself. Sure it was his agent’s idea and the proceeds went to charity, but so many people were polishing his knob that his head was too big to even fit in the arena. If he had even half of the killer instinct and balls he should have as an elite athlete, he would have told his agent to not do the TV evisceration of Cleveland. Sports fans are fanatics(it’s where the word comes from BTW) and have their hearts and souls invested in the fortunes of their team. When a player of LeBron’s stature does the fans dirty like an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, then you have very strong negative emotions. And do you have ANY idea why you haven’t heard of  Orlando retiring Shaq’s number? Because he was only there for a few years and it wasn’t his hometown team and he never PROMISED a championship like LeBron did to Cleveland.


Boy, you Clevelanders that are still bitter about the “Decision” sound more and more like spoiled 5 year old brats when conveying your opinions about how Lebron James “Did ya wrong”! You mean to tell me that the guy who leads your franchise all time in total points, minutes, and steals and second all time in assists hasn’t earned the privilege of having his number retired and hung in your arena! Wow….really! And that nonsense about never having won a championship in Cleveland as criteria for retiring his jersey is just that, nonsense! I don’t remember Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, or Mark Price winning championships either, but their numbers are retired along with three other ringless dudes that played for the Cavs well before I even followed basketball closely. Matter of fact, the only two accomplishments worth noting for the Cavs franchise (best regular season record and the only conference championship in franchise history) are a direct result of Lebron James’ heavy lifting with arguably the weakest cast of assembled players not named Lebron James. So yeah, his jersey should definitely be retired, if for no other reason than “He Earned It”. And before I get any nasty replies, understand that I’m no Lebron lover, as a matter of fact I was just as disgusted as anyone else at the way he departed Cleveland and I think his mind was already out of Cleveland last year in the playoffs. But the fact that he was the single best player in the history of that franchise can’t be argued, at least not intelligently.

WIDTS: I’m not going to argue the point of his numbers, because they are amazing. However, getting your number retired is more than numbers and you know it. It’s about being a good citizen off the court, being a face of the franchise and being honorable. The first two he did rather well. But was he honorable? Not even close.


Although Lebron is just plain despicable and looks like a child in making these laughable demands, truth be told – this is a no brainer. Lebron, relax. Your jersey will definitely be retired, and you don’t have to make these obvious attention hogging public demands. Just concentrate on basketball, and earn the fans lost respect. Play the game the right way, and you wow everyone in the playoffs, you will find a lot of fans (myself included) ready to jump the bandwagon again.

WIDTS: Even with him playing (and probably winning the promised championship) somewhere else? Man. you are no sports fan I want to be friends with.

of course lebron does deserve to have number 23 hang in the cavs arena. Also for all you Lebron Haters Lebron James is the best pure basketball player to ever play the game. You clevelanders got to watch the best basketball in the world night after night so get over it.

WIDTS: For only 7 years you gonna retire a jersey when he spends the majority of his career with a different team? Man, they just retiring jerseys for anyone now.


I disagree. Although Lebron left Cleveland in the prime years of his career, he pretty much started producing from day 1. He basically gave 7 GREAT years to Cleveland – even better than MJ’s first 7 years with the Bulls. I don’ fault the man for wanting to leave to play with better teammates, although he could have avoided the whole decision and the derision of the whole world. His jersey though should be retired. 2 time MVP, 2 ECF appearances and 1 NBA finals with that cast? I nominate decisionBron for the Tony, Pulitzer, Oscars and the Nobel.

WIDTS: Getting a jersey retired after 7 years is like being able to claim your retirement gold watch from your company after 10 years. I don’t care how productive you were, that ain’t happening


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Important, You Are Not

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WIDTS: Spelling and grammar are important, as well as coherent writing. I see you lack all three.

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1D Intelligence

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Question posted @ a popular Q&A site: do people have 2D or 3D eyesight?

WIDTS: My last name is Pepper, so I can see in 23 dimensions.

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How Do I Do What I Already Did?

August 2000 Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life

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Question posted @ Yahoo! Answers: How do you ask a question on Yahoo! Answers?

WIDTS: Well, first of all, you have to get the blessing of 65% of all Yahoo! Answers users, even the inactive ones…

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Free Felon!

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WIDTS: The taxpayers of California already gave you free housing and food for the last 21.5 years and now you want MORE?

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I Thought We Were Supposed To be Getting Smarter

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Question posted @ a popular Q&A site: Do you have to be online to use Bearshare, Limewire, etc.?

WIDTS: No, you just fill out a paper form with the music you want, copy it about 600 times, mail it to 600 random people asking for free copies of music they paid for and hopefully, they’ll mail you a copy of their CD‘s.

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Cooling The Brain Killer

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Question posted @ a popular Q&A site: Can you cool beer in a counter top wine cooler?

WIDTS: No. You must buy a specific beer cooler that has the logo of your favorite sports team on one side and the logo of Idiots Anonymous on the other.

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