Lack of Irony Awareness

Love Songs for the Retarded

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Question posed on a popular Q&A site: Theres a seinor project in school thats kindof getting getting out of hand?

so theres this group of mentaly chalenged kids in my school that have made a senior project based on people to try to stop saying “thats retarded.” now i have diffrent feelings about this… dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against people with dissabilaties, but ive been informed by some people that that type of thing is considers an act of speach crime. like a freedom of speach kind of thing. my family and i basicly live by the constitution and therfor know what our rites are and we know whats leagal or not. but i also know there is a thin line btween saying things like “thats retarded.” or “thats gay.” to describe things. i say both thoughs things, im not saying im prowed of that, but i do it. i know thats wrong.

ik that theres laws trying to be passed and if youve been paying attention to the government plans and stuff, you probly know how things are going down in america and how we are loseing our freedoms day by day.

so my question is whats your opinon on this “retard” consept?

WIDTS: If a person such as yourself isn’t objecting to the use of the term retard, then it weakens the argument for those that want it stopped. Kind of like when an African-American calls another African-American the N-word.

Feel free to tell me what YOU wanted to say!

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