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Found on a popular Q&A site:Using a giftcard on iTunes will show up on credit card bill? If I buy songs with a gift card, will the songs show up
on our credit card statement?

WIDTS: Yes they will. just like using cash to buy all that meth will. Those sneaky banks.

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From a popular Q&A site: is it just me or is people getting dumber?
seems like as time goes buy people are getting more

WIDTS: I’m just going to let the irony speak for itself.

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Why Spellchek?

From a post on a popular Q&A site:

How to stop people being insulting?
Right well this is more of a personal problem for me well the problem is after a hard day of


Shot Down?

work or just doing some general stuff that needs to be done I love playing online games quie alot of the time and th emain problem with me is the factor of communication most fo the time where I will be stuck with what I consider ego junkies or people who feel the need to insult people to get a rise by getting and argument out of them and me realy hating that kind of talk sadly on my end respond and help add fuel to the fire on my end which is bad I know. Well any way was wondering if any one could give me some tips on how to deal with those kind of people if I cannot ignore have the chance ot ignore them flat out ??

((peferibly something to say or a way to act that would in some sense that would hel them on a sub cantious lvl want to stop acting that way towards me ))

WIDTS: Please see my post titled “How to stop thinking everyone that can’t use grammar/spellcheck is a moron.” There might be a clue in there. Hell there might be a clue in the title.

When Five Is Less Than Five

From a post on a popular Q&A site:

How do I make my essay longer?
I have an essay on the US Constitution and economics. We have to analyze the articles

View of Capitol Hill from the U.S. Supreme Court

US Capitol Building

and say the Congress’s, the presidents, and the supreme court without any outside research besides the Constitution. The requirement is 5 sadly I only have five. Any suggestions? I have the Congress and trade and taxes. the president signs on the laws which could pass or cancel taxes and the supreme court could make sure the legislature doesn’t pass any unfair taxes or cancels free trade. I also talked about checks and balances.

WIDTS: You only have five of the required five? Well then, all I can recommend is that you OPEN YOUR EYES!

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Plea For Help

Post found on a popular Q&A site:

Should I go to the emergency room?
My depression has gotten really bad and so has my anxiety. I’ve been cutting every day

ER simulations

ER simulation

and the suicidal thoughts I have been having for over a month have gotten worse lately and I don’t know if I can do it anymore. Should I go to the ER? I feel like they aren’t going to take me seriously. I always feel like my problems aren’t good enough. I am on anti-depressants, they aren’t helping. My psychiatrist is the only one who knows I am suicidal.

WIDTS: No it’s not serious enough yet. First of all, take your blade and slice your wrists crosswise, take a bunch of random pills and wait for them to take effect before you waste our time with your pathetic cry for help.

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Now I Understand George W. Bush Better

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“ac146054.wav” has failed to upload due to an error
Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

WIDTS: Suuurrre, “security” reasons. *wink, wink*

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Logically, I Don’t Follow You

From a conversation on Twitter:

Photo by submitter, -Campaigner444 18:59, 3 No...

Rupp Arena

@rexchapman: Reminded today that my dude @DLamb20 has “the runner” in his repertoire. W/ health & natural progression he can leave UK our #1 scorer ever

@StaticMajor502: Passing Issel?

WIDTS: Um… Correct me if I’m wrong here, but IF he becomes the #1 scorer ever @ UK, doesn’t that by definition mean he passed EVERYBODY, including Issel?

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Bombs Away!

Paraphrased from an article in the Deseret News: A Utah man sat in a bank parking lot for 90 minutes deciding whether to go forward with his plan of bombing the bank. At about 4:30 a.m., he called 911 and told an emergency dispatcher he was going to throw a Molotov cocktail at the bank.

WIDTS: Because calling 911 AFTER you threw the bomb and had made your escape would have been too easy, right?

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Not much work for criminal investigation schools here.