Hardest Working Columnist?

From an article found at http://m.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile/53205931-90/skier-waitress-beer-liquor.html.csp

With a brand-new year upon us and the 2012 legislative session
just around the corner, this is a good time to review Utah’s liquor
But not just any old review. I found on YouTube a video using
animated characters to show why our Legislature makes the folks
promoting tourism and conventions in the state work so much
harder to be successful. The video has had 26,400 views.
The video was produced by “pwderhd” using Xtranormal Movie
But because it accurately describes Utah law, I couldn’t resist, for
my first column of the new year…

WIDTS: Your FIRST column of the year debuts on December 30th? With that kind of management at your newspaper, you should enjoy many more years of less work ahead.

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Offline Pop-ups

Geo-fencing technology is now here. What is geo-fencing technology, you ask? Mashable.com explains it in depth here.

WIDTS: So to summarize, it is basically the smartphone/SMS equivalent to the uber-annoying pop-up ads that we had to experience in the early days of multimedia on the web. So we now think pop-ups are a good idea?

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See Wh-What Ha-Happened was…

From a story found here: www.fox13now.com/news/kstu-bird-deaths-officials-unsure-of-cause-of-mass-death-of-birds-in-davis-county-20111222,0,1930007.story

“Initially there was speculation as to what had caused these birds to die. The reality is we just don’t know what caused their deaths,” said Phil Douglas, Conservation Outreach Manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

WIDTS: So, initially there was speculation and now you have some sort of non-idea of what happened, right?

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Old School Browsing

google chrome

Question posted on a popular Q&A site: My six-year-old computer is running really slowly on the internet, why? i reckon it is because it is old and i need a new one, while my friend thinks thier is software that slows down the computer like morzella firefox and google chrome that i never use (i only use internet)

WIDTS: If you have mozzarella cheese installed on the computer, I’d say that is a good reason for its slow performance. I always feel sluggish after eating a brick of it.

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Post found on a popular Q&A site:Where can I watch Spanish movies with NO subtitles? I will specify again as I am positive that someone will post the wrong answer….

WIDTS: There are many answers that while “correct” for the way you phrased your question will not help you at all. Naturally, I am going to post those answers: Spain, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa RicaPanama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru,  Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina & Uruguay.

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other



WIDTS: OK, Mr. AutoZone I can see how they are the same. I mean they do the same job of connecting the electrical cables to my battery so my car will work. So yeah, in your retarded universe I can see how a car and a horse are the same as well.

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At First Sight

Deutsch: Lammjacke mit Leoparddruck (Leopardla...

At first glance, Murray doesn’t look much like the type of person who would arrive in Las Vegas… On a recent Friday morning, she sits at her dining room table wearing a zip-up leopard-print sweatshirt…

WIDTS: You’ve never been to the real Vegas have you?

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Superiority Complex

A selection of puzzles I saw at Sam’s Club included such world-renowned cities such as Paris, New York, Seattle & Ogden.

WIDTS: OGDEN? On a par with Paris and New York? Hell, Ogden isn’t even on a par with Salt Lake City or even Layton.,

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Weight Is A Fluid Concept

WIDTS: While everything has mass and therefore, weight, your listing of FLUID ounces makes no sense whatsoever, unless this is a cry for help directed at your 4th grade teacher.

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