The Farce of Facebook

Facebook logo

So I see Facebook has taken exception with employers that are asking job applicants for passwords to their Facebook accounts. Refreshing change coming from the biggest violator of online privacy, huh?

From a PR standpoint, sure. But what if this is just a huge ploy to get them some positive press? Or to hide some other more nefarious privacy issue? Here’s what I imagine an exchange sounded like between Zuckerburg and some underlings:

Underling1: Heya, Mark. We are taking a beating in the press and I think we need to…


Zuckerburg: WAY ahead of ya dude. I reached out to a few developers and employers and promised them some ransom for making us look better when they start asking applicants for their Facebook passwords and to show them private info.


Feel free to tell me what YOU wanted to say!

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