No Hope… Or Is There?

Passages from a book by a well-known and best-selling author:

[status draft] Passage 1: “Mo might be dead in there,” Lula said. “Or maybe he’s sick. Could of had a stroke and be laying on the bathroom floor.”

Passage 2: “We would of found his car. And if he was dead he would of started to smell by now.”

Passage 3: “Course, he could have locked himself in the ice cream freezer,” Lula said.

WIDTS: Same character said all 3 lines, and in one of them, the editor used the proper phrasing. I understand that there is some literary license involved in being a fiction author, but if you’re going to take it, use it ALL THE WAY.

On a lighter note, millions of internet morons now believe they can write a book. Way to encourage them, Miss Evanovich.

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