Not Registering

From Clip Snark (edited by WIDTS):

Voting Clerk: Name, please…

Clip Snark (handing over my drivers license): I have two last names and it will be filed under my FIRST last name, which is Alphaeus

Voting Clerk (obviously not paying attention and slightly annoyed): Your FULL name please. AND your date of birth.

Clip Snark (taken aback a little because I just tried to help this old biddie out, but whatever): John Alphaeus Zigmund, born 4/5/1967.

Voting Clerk: OK, we have nothing under Zigmund matching your date of birth. Hold on a second while we try to find you.

While searching she still couldn’t find anything and so she asked, “Same birthday?”

WIDTS: “Nope. Every time you look under a new name, my birth date changes. You’ve looked for me so many ways, even I have no clue what my birthday is anymore.

© 2012 by What I Desired to Say….

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