I know what you’re thinking, and no this post is NOT about any of the waste excretions of the human body. Just bear with me and don’t get pissy. ;-)

The freeway system here is under a major reconstruction that is well past 20 years overdue, which means road construction goes on for miles and miles and miles. Of course, you can’t expect a construction worker to hop in his truck and drive 5-10 minutes to the nearest public john when he has to take care of his natural needs, so there are porta-potties strung out along this corridor of catastrophe. And yes, they are pretty much out in the open. Calvin by the great Bill WattersonMy girlfriend’s 5-year-old Calvin doppelgänger has a game that he plays in the car where he spots the various porta-potties visible to the casual passerby. I don’t know why, he just has a thing for restrooms of all types. You may scoff, and I did too at first, but after SIX trips to the potty during Big Miracle, I know the obsession all too well.

Portable toilet in Makó, Hungary. Magyar: Mobi...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyways, back to the reason for this post. Now even though there are porta-potties ALL over the place, tell me when the last time you have actually seen a construction worker enter or exit one of these contraptions? Right?

This time was not like all the rest. But you probably knew that, otherwise what would I be writing about? The same old thing happening over and over again? No! Anyways…as we were exiting the freeway, I saw a worker enter one! Now was my chance to do something I had wanted to do forever! I rolled down the window and over the traffic and construction din I yelled, “By the way, you have been spotted!”

The laughter that erupted from the back seat was better than any standing O.


Feel free to tell me what YOU wanted to say!

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