I have been using Office Depot‘s PC Support Agent software to delete my browser cache and temp files because it will clear the files from multiple browsers at the same time. It’s kind of handy… for that.

I’ve never used it for other issues, because let’s face it, the sole purpose for most free software from a major corporation is to allow them to get their foot in the door to try to sell you their other prohibitively expensive support and clean up programs. This is no exception.

After you click on the scan option, the software asks you if you’ve had any one of 4 specific problems as shown above. I haven’t checked any of them in the past, because my anti-virus and malware scans have all come back clean to this point (knock on wood). After the scan completes, gives you a rating of either, Good, Fair or Poor. as you can see from the first picture.

Well for giggles this time I decided to select the 2nd option, as that is a common issue with computers, right? Guess what happened when the scan finished? That’s right, it told me that it had found malware on my laptop.

Well, naturally this threw me into a bit of a panic, so I disconnected from the network & ran a scan using AVG, Malwarebytes and ZoneAlarm. ALL THREE of them reported back that there was nothing found. Interesting. So, now having my curiosity piqued, I clicked on the ‘More Details’ selection under the security section.

Well imagine that! Since I was no longer connected to the internet, the software had no communication with its mother ship and didn’t know what to do, so it froze. I then had to open Task Manager and close the program & relaunch it. After re-connecting to the web, running the same scan and clicking on the ‘More Details’ link, I am “rewarded” with:

Yes, that is the extent of the “information” I received from the program. It says I am “infected”, but does not describe the nature of said infection.

So to sum up, you just wasted 3-4 minutes and there is no funny at the end of this post.


6 thoughts on “Anti-Effective

  1. Well, maybe I did waste 3 or 4 minutes, but you did keep me reading even though I gave up on MS a long time ago and now use Apple. Have a great day. ;-}

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