My Attempt At Actual Simulated Human Interaction

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  3. And create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. – Checkerino
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The question I was requested to answer is: What is the absolute best customer service call you’ve ever received?

Depends on how you define best. Since I blog manly about idiotic customers/people/situations, the BEST one I ever handled in that vein was a call where a customer was applying for a credit card. With the information he gave me (his address was the UPS Store address and no not one of the mail drops inside, he was employed by the CIA making $999,000,000,000/year and drove a Ferrari), there was no way he would be approved, but I was not allowed to say so.

I did at one point have a written copy of the call, but with all of my moving since that job, I have lost the copy. I am confident in saying that, if I had been able to record it, edit it and post it on here, WordPress servers would crash for how viral the thing would go. THAT’S how crazy this call was. But you did remind me of another call that I will be posting up soon.

Now on to the people I choose to make uncomfortable :-)

  1. Online Dating Journal – Have you always been ambivalent towards close friendships with women?
  2. The Square Flea –  Why do you think your categories suck?
  3. Betterthanimdb – Best movie you’ve ever seen you thought you’d hate.
  4. RJ – If you could make the same money at ANYTHING else that you do as an attorney, would you change jobs?
  5. Kloipy Speaks – What is the worst film you’ve seen that you were forced to go to by a friend?
  6. Expert of None! – What profession is your dream?
  7. yahneverknow – When did you discover your love of poetry?
  8. alittletoohonest – No posts for almost 3 weeks, are you OK?
  9. piecesofmyrandomness – Do you realize randomness is just excessive interests?
  10. Our Homeschool Journey – Did you always want to homeschool your children or was there an event that drove you to it?
  11. THE IDIOT SPEAKETH – If you had to live in either the Ukraine or Finland, where would you live?

11 thoughts on “My Attempt At Actual Simulated Human Interaction

  1. My first best friend was in the 7th grade and second was three years ago but we lost touch. I like, respect and tolerate women but I’m more of a guy’s gal.
    I believe women are always quick to judge their own gender but yet very sensitve when others judge them. Most women are too fragile which is why I TRY to reframe from embarassing and or humilating a woman because I don’t want to contribute and or provoke a pety cat fight.
    However, some things just need to be said and women are no exception. Besides, they will thank me later because it will toughen them up and mold them into a stronger person.

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  4. I can think of my most sucktastic job ever- the one where the dealership was closing, the janitor had quit, and I got stuck picking cigarette butts out of the technicians’ urinal.

    I had another job lined up already so I stormed the owner’s office and quit. I’d been hired to work parts counter, after all. The one day where I was working as a service advisor (at another dealership) and got flung against the wall and throttled by an insane cokehead was bad, but over all I enjoyed that job because I liked the product and I liked my coworkers.

    If I could do anything I wanted to do I’d be independently wealthy and make it a point to enjoy my cougar pool and boy toys, but since I can’t do that I’m fine with selling automotive parts- wholesale to dealers, that is. Just don’t make me deal with the unwashed masses of retail.

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