Redux: Memory Wipe

Originally posted on January 26, 2010

Me: Good Morning! You have reached the answering service of Company XYZ. How can I help?

Caller: How do I make changes to my website?

Me: I’m sorry I cannot help you with that as I am the answering service. Would you like me to have the tech support department call you?

Caller: Can’t you help me?

WIDTS: Actually, I would be happy to. Please open up the Command prompt on your computer and type in “format c:” and press Enter.

+Just a note here: If anyone does this on their own PC, it is their own fault. That command WIPES the hard drive. I will not take responsibility if you do it.


*Actual caller handled by me while working for an answering service. Names & Identifying information have been changed. Bolded text is what I DESIRED to say…*

© 2010-2012 by What I Desired to Say….

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