Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I am going to start a NEW BLOG of short and not so short stories, generally in serial form. Here is a preview of the first post. I hope you enjoy!

Just villagers, Dad was the local blacksmith, but was well-known for the fine steel equipment he produced. The King was well pleased with the armory Dad made for his personal use. Mom was Mom. I think before she married Dad she was a sorceress with great healing ability. She was always around to show us kids the right way. To tread lightly, but leave our mark. Be self-sufficient, but ask for help if necessary. Be proud of who we are and where we come from, but humble. Don’t start a fight, but if challenged, fight like hell. Help others til proven they don’t need or deserve the help.

I had few good friends. The Coradale kids were nice enough, but a few differences were more than enough to create a divide that caused only a few to be allowed to cross and fewer still to stay.

1 older brother that died in birth 2 younger brothers and a sister.

As mentioned above, Dad was the local blacksmith and was good at what he did. Dad would make anything for anyone as long as he felt it would be used for good. One time he made a very deadly sword for the Count of Coradale, Jetune von Baren, a good friend of our family. The Count assured Dad that the sword was only for decoration of the von Baren estate and defense only. As such he made a one of a kind, very distinct and elaborately decorated sword called the Platinum Sword of Dragonsbane.

A few months later, Dad discovered that a boyfriend of Constance von Baren, a Elvren Steinacre, had disappeared. Both families were devastated as the young couple had been betrothed to each other and were to be married later that fall. As we were friends to all the village, we helped search for poor Elvren. About a week into the search, Dad found him. Or rather, what was left of him. Elvren had been brutally killed. Whispers throughout the village said that Elvren had dishonored the von Baren family by despoiling dear Constance. When she told Elvren that she was with child, he refused to marry her and ran away. But Dad now knew the truth. Only one sword could have left those marks on Elvren; the Platinum Sword of Dragonsbane.

Because of the respect he had for the von Baren family in general and the head, Jetrune, in particular, Dad took the matter to Jetrune privately and asked for the Count to turn himself over to the king’s guard and stand trial for the murder. The Count, of course, denied everything and accused Dad of the murder. Who else would know how the fatal wounds were created, other than the murderer?, the Count asked. Due to the Count’s influence, he was “believed”, Dad stood trial and in a mockery was “found” guilty of killing Elvren Steinacre. The sentence was death.

This caused quite a bit of misery in the house, due to Dad being the only bread-winner. The family was left to fend for ourselves as best we could. None of the kids’ were old enough, nor skilled enough to continue the blacksmith trade and so Mom tried to do what she could but, bless her heart, it just wasn’t quite the same. I, being the oldest living child, but all of 16 summers old, was the largest mouth to feed and so, to ease the burden on dearest Mother, left with a heavy heart to find shelter and forage for myself. Jamestry, Caretha and Thaddeus would be better off without me around to take up food they needed to grow and Mother could make the rent on the hut. After 6 months of not doing very well at sheltering or foraging, Sundrick von Baren found me one morning sleeping in his father’s barn. Sundrick was my age and was an acquaintance from when I was able to go to Warrior School. Since I tutored him and I was no longer attending school, and since he wasn’t the most studious pupil his marks had dropped considerably. In a deal I have been thankful for since, he let me sleep in the loft and fed me as long as I helped him with his schoolwork and stayed out of sight. I got to keep learning the spells and fighting techniques I was thirsting for to become self-sufficient, and he was able to avoid his father’s nasty temper.

This arrangement continued for about a year, and Sundrick was about to advance to upper level studies with my help. From his notes, I had worked on the fighting moves and magic he had learned about and was getting quite good at taking care of the varmints and lesser beasts of the area, so was able to provide a small amount of meat to Mother and my siblings. I was in the loft just getting ready to go out on my daily hunt/practice, when Jetrune von Baren entered the barn with the groomsman.

“Go bury this, Stevon. I can’t stand looking at it anymore.” said Jetrune, as he handed the Platinum Sword of Dragonsbane to the groomsman.

“But, sir! It is a beautiful sword and none other like it exists.”, protested Stevon. “Why would you want it buried?”

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