Award? Sure, Why Not?

After only 27 months of blogging, I am honored (under protest) to have received the Versatile Blogger Award thanks to OnlineDatingJournal. I highly suggest you check out her sex and dating blog. Some really steamy stuff there. Thank you so much! (I suppose. I mean I had to be talked [arm twisted] into accepting it by the stay at home philosopher)

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Add the award to your blog. – That’s what this bloody post is for, right?
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog. – I guess the above counts as gratitude.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself. – Look down. Your zipper is undone and I am getting distracted
4. List the rules. – Why the FUCK do we have to have all these goddamn rules?
5. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers – Fuck that. the other 14 ‘winners’ in my round picked 210 other ‘winners’. That’s plenty.

7 random facts about me

  1. I am a former member of society in good standing.
  2. I have been to jail — for driving on a suspended license.
  3. I hate beer.
  4. I love Star Wars
  5. I want to be Shawn Spencer
  6. I can count to seven
  7. I have no bellybutton

As an award winner, my taste in bloggers is obviously worthy of me bestowing an award upon them, but as I have sworn against trite awards, I am not choosing any other recipients. This branch of the Versatile Blogger Award Tree is dead. Hope it doesn’t get struck by lightning.

Instead, I’m just going to put 15 random links hidden by titles of blogs.

1. Memoirs of a Retail Salesperson
2. secretagentsuperhero
3. Stay Abnormal
4. alittletoohonest
5. Everyone Has A Story
6. psychodynamom
7. Absurdly Nerdly
8. Waggcomedy
9. BatDoc
10. manolosway
11. Spotts In The Valley Of The Sun
12. Kloipy Speaks
13. Looking for the Sweet Spot
14. Sarcasm Society
15. Lill and Jill

Thank you all for laughing at me,

*BTW, some of those links are NSFW. You’re welcome.

© 2012 by What I Desired to Say….

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10 thoughts on “Award? Sure, Why Not?

  1. HaHa…Finally…You’re in hell with the rest of us. Welcome. I’m impressed with your math skills. (I had to use a calculator to check the 14 x 15…yup 210!…that’s a lot of bloggers). You probably have good credit too. That explains why you were going to get laid the night you wrote your blog about why you wouldn’t accept an award.

  2. Congratulations on earning this high honor. Somebody has an Axl Rose complex, no? Losing your bellybutton is tough, but is no excuse for ungracious behavior. Nonetheless, I will grudgingly continue to read and learn.

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