So the universe decided to take a shit on me today. My laptop bricked itself. It won’t even boot up. Good thing I was able to schedule three weeks of posts before it gave up the ghost. I can return it to the place where I bought it and get store credit, but as with any computer, it has a lot of ‘personal’ information saved on it, if you know what I mean. I’m a tit bit nervous handing it over without being able to delete cache, cookies, passwords, pictures, video files, etc.


3 thoughts on “Bricked!

  1. That sux! The last time that happened to me- when my very ancient Dell Latitude D600 refused to fire up- I thought the hard drive had taken a dump. So I bought a newer, refurbed D630. (Ok, I have a weakness for shitty old Dells, but they’re all I can afford.) I was pissed and gave the old one to one of the old man’s buddies to fart around with or use for parts. Then said buddy discovered he was able to repair the old one (the hard drive wasn’t the problem, it was the motherboard) so I felt a bit stupid.
    I should have been able to figure that out and replace the motherboard myself. Then I realized that the newer one is twice as fast, has twice the memory, is set up with Windows 7, (which I like so much better than XP,) and had all the upgrades that I had wanted but couldn’t realistically do on the other one. My son still mocks me because I don’t have the graphics like he does, but unlike him, to me “gaming” means solitaire or word-find, not World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. Every cloud has a silver lining. The old man’s buddy was nice enough to transfer all my music and pics for me to the new machine before he wiped the drive on the old one. Hope all goes well configuring your new system and getting it going. The transition can be tough!

  2. It resurrected this morning –albeit temporarily. I was able to pull one file off taht I REALLY needed, but since I powered it back off (stupid, I know), it has gone back to not booting up. GRRRR!

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