Addictions: Food vs. Internet

I am a man of few addictions, but the two biggest ones are food and the internet. I’m thinking of trying to kick one or the other and I am trying to figure out which one it should be. Let’s examine, shall we?

Food addiction Pros

Provides sustenance.
Tastes good.

And that’s pretty much it for the pros of food addiction. For those of you out there who say food can be a work of art; Are you really serious? You think a plate of rib eye steak next to some mashed potatoes and gravy should be hung on wall in a museum? Well alright, but when the gravy runs on to the floor, you’re cleaning it up.

Food Addiction Cons
Makes you fat
Contributes to many diseases
Expensive and time consuming

And that seems to be it for the cons. For those of you that say vegetarian diets do not contribute to disease, I say, “This post ain’t for you, because you only eat food to survive, not to actually enjoy it, so how could you ever be addicted to food?”

Internet addiction Pros

Allows you to live without actually, you know, physically interacting with moronic people.
Access to almost any knowledge/information you could dream of.

Internet addiction Cons

You begin on the path to being a misanthrope.
People who cared about you, suddenly no longer do. But maybe that’s OK, cuz if they can’t accept you for who you are, then they didn’t belong in your life to begin with. Maybe this should be a pro. Hmmm…
Your skin takes on a deathly pale look.

So there you have all of the pros/cons I could come up with. As the pros for internet addiction outnumber the pros for food addictions and the cons are equal, I will be keeping my internet addiction and kicking my food addiction. Once I’ve licked that, the internet addiction should be easy to kick. Since I”ll be dead. So it seems like I’ll be kicking both after all.

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