I read a post today, that got my dander up. The writer, Denise, has postulated that she is entitled  to dig into your personal papers if you happen to be in public in general and on public transit specifically.

While it was tagged as humorous, I failed to detect much humor in the actual post. Is she serious? What does she think gives her the right to be intentionally nosy if she is as a heart attack(no I didn’t forget a word)?

I playfully asked if she minded if I gassed her if I caught her snooping into my papers, books or documents. She then took it way too far and said I was equating nosiness with arbitrary murder. What if I was reviewing a blood test showing whether I had gay DNA or not, or if it showed I was a violent person? What then?

What if this person was behind me in line at the store and saw my PIN? Well, for God’s sake, I’d now have to change it, along with all of my other PIN’s, because for hell’s sake, doesn’t she know that 99% of the world has the same damn PIN for EVERYTHING? I think I might have a case for assault or Causing Major Inconvienence.

If I caught her or someone like her, what would I say?

WIDTS:  Since you now know more about me than I do about you, can you please hand over your purse/wallet and allow me to even the score?

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3 thoughts on “Snooping…

  1. Sounds to me like her own life has to be pretty boring for her to feel the need to “live” through other people’s. Dander definitely would be up…

  2. That’s why I love going to the DMV. A lot of them come in holding the Bill of Sale or Pink Slip. I like to look at the person and see if he/she is driving a luxury car or an SUV. Once it was an woman no less than 80 years of age and her car was a huge Ford Bronco 4×4. In fact, I missed my call because I had to go outside and see her drive it so I had to go back to the line and wait for another 45 minutes. I guess that served me right for snooping….

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