Jehovah’s Witnesses Have the Wrong Idea

I am not a person who would be much interested with investigating a new church/religion but recently I have decided that Jehovah’s Witnesses are full of it. No, I have not been looking to switch religions, but with two huge American cultural holidays the last two months –holidays that as a divorced, single father who also happens to be an orphan finds very little appeal in– I still find the lack of my commemoration of these days a little unappealing.

What are the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement of Mother’s Day and Easter you ask? Well, as far as Mother’s Day, my own mother passed away almost 17 years ago, so that kind of puts the kibosh on that. I’m also divorced, so not really looking to spend a day where the focus is on the ex-wife, even though she is a good mother to my kids. My grandmothers –who are both still alive– live an hour’s car ride away from where I had lived and most of the time they were happy enough to receive a card or a phone call. Easter has almost become another Christmas with the size of the Easter baskets getting larger and larger, both literally and financially, so I just haven’t been enthused about them. However, those are pretty lame excuses. I actually miss the fuss and ado made over my kids on these holidays, especially since I’ve been treating every day pretty much like any other and the time is just flying by. These special days seem to serve as touchstones and brakes on the passage of time. I really should start to take them more seriously and get over my issues with these holidays and people. It’s just so hard to put up with Uncle Jack and his special ‘attire’ for these holidays.

Hmmm, maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a point…

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