Gay Marriage & The GOP

I usually don’t get all in a snit over politics, but I have to this time. Over at Yahoo! News, there is an article on Rand Paul, US Senator, R-Kentucky, responding to President Obama’s public announcement that he supports gay marriage.

In his speech, Paul drove home the idea of reinforcing a traditional family, saying that “the family is a really important thing” and it was necessary to defend it to “save the Republic.”

I, for one of many, happen to believe that government should do only the bare minimum for the citizens and should stay the hell out of the morals enforcement business. That’s pretty much what religion is for. However, BOTH political parties seem to want to interfere in a person’s personal life to the extent that we become Citizen #34987665, rather than Sally Smith, Kim Li or Nasim Muhammad.

So now, we have states like North Carolina finding a new outlet for their outlawed and out-of-touch racism by passing an amendment to their constitution saying that marriage in their state is only allowed between a man and a woman. Never mind that there was already a law against it on the books, they had to go one step further and fly the flag of hate as high as it was flown during the height of slavery and opposition to civil rights.

I pose a question, “How does allowing two same-sex people to show the love they have for each other affect the marriages of Steven and Delores Abernathy*?”

Also, if family and marriage between a man and a woman is SO important to “saving the Republic”, why haven’t the GOP gone truly radical and started advocating a “No Divorce” plank to their platform? I really think their politics have gone in reverse for a long time, but I don’t think going back to the time of Henry VIII is the answer.

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6 thoughts on “Gay Marriage & The GOP

  1. The whole concept of mixing church and state is becoming sooo confusing now adays. I feel that people are people the government, politics, policy should have no bearing on who one decides to marry. Is there a law stating that two atheist can’t get married? I dont believe so. Check out marrying ALL people since 1982!

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