Communication Age

LOL! the modern day :Who’s on first?” Well Done!

The Canny Curmudgeon

“I think it may be the carburetor,” the older man said, leaning over a plastic box.  “It seems to just stall sometimes, like a Datsun I once had.”

“No,” the younger man said, looking into the same plastic box.  “It’s your L2 cache.”

“Cache?  No, I paid for it with a check.”

“No, no,” the younger man said, wiggling his pinky in his ear.  “They aren’t Czech, they’re usually made in Korea.”

“Ah,” the older man said.

The younger man just nodded, knowingly, and peered again into the box.

“Brakes may need adjustment too,” the older man mumbled.

“Brakes?  What brakes?”

“Well, whatever it is that makes the damn thing stop.  It seems to must keep spinning and spinning and spinning.”


“Yeah spinning.  This little circle thing.  Like a picture of a spinning circle.”

“Oh, an icon.”

“Icon?  What do you mean, icon?  I can’t get it to shut…

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