For Fuck’s Sake

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So, the Utah Legislature is at their ridiculous shenanigans again.

Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden is proposing a bill that would offer a sexual education class for parents, who would then either decide to do what parents have done for millennia or leaving the imparting of sexual knowledge to a bunch of people who have had colleagues corrupt and seduce their students. Awesome choice, huh?  Has Mr. Reid forgotten what he learned about sex so that he is unable to teach his children? Or does his version of sex not conform to his church’s teachings on the matter?

After the Legislature’s earlier attempt at forcing abstinence-only sex ed was shot down by a shitstorm of public backlash, the legislature had to do something to save face, so this was it. Really? Sending folks who obviously know what sex is to a class about sex and then asking them if they are comfortable enough with the material to share it with their kids? Are you fucking serious? God, the politicians will do anything to give the public the impression that they actually are working for them.

Honestly, I think the parents should be the ones to explain the whole “birds and the bees” thing to their kids, not schools. My parents never said a word to me about sex; they left that particular chore up to the schools and quite frankly, I think that was a disservice to me. But it was an ever bigger injustice to the girlfriends of my late teens-early twenties.

If the government wants to know that kids have gotten “the talk” –you know, to make sure that social ills have been addressed– then they should send a pamphlet to the parents, have the parents talk to the kids and then have the kids take a test in health class on the contents of the pamphlet.

I gotta ask, how did kids ever learn about this shit when governments weren’t around?

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5 thoughts on “For Fuck’s Sake

  1. I don’t know…I can kinda see where Sen. Reid is coming from. If the government doesn’t teach our kids about sex, who will? As a parent, I appreciate having one less thing to do. ;-) And I know you said you don’t do laundry, but when I read the title of this post…well, you owe me.

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