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Role Models?

I saw this on another blog yesterday (Oops! I forgot to note where. If you blogged this yesterday, or if you saw it and know which blog it’s on, let me know and I’ll give proper credit.), but I thought I’d spruce it up with some images.


Doubly Average

So, yesterday, my boss told me they were checking call stats and discovered that all by myself, during the 10 hours that the project is operational daily, I take 8% of all the calls for the project I am on. Eight percent! That might not sound like a lot, but if there were other reps like me, the business would need only 12-13 other CSR’s to handle the call volume we receive. We actually have 23 total employees that take calls, so just by a simple average, each rep should be handling close to 4.35% of the calls. Therefore, I am handling nearly double the load of what the average rep should be.

And here I thought I was slacking off a bit. Guess I’ll have to do a better job of blogging the ludicrous calls I take, eh? 

Zemanta’s recommended tags: Technical University of Munich, Michigan State University, GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research. See, even Zemanta knows I am smarter than average. ;)

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