I swear the internet is completely overrun with ads and commercialization. It’s really pathetic. Pop-up ads, PPC(pay-per-click) ads, SPAM, BACN, ick, ick, ICK!

But I have a way to combat at least part of it. Go to a website/blog (start here or over here) that you want to support and click on EVERY ad on their page at least once a day, from ALL of the devices you can. Hell, let your 5-year old play games on your home PC in exchange for an hour of clicking on every ad he can. How will that change the situation you ask? Well once the people who have to PAY for those ads see a decline in the effectiveness in turning page visits into actual revenue and an increase in their costs, they will be less inclined to SPAM-inate the web with that crap.

Sometimes, the solution is the exact opposite of what you think it is.

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