If You See Something, Play Something

And we see the non-sensical attitude of Mayor Bloomberg’s other initiatives.


Check out New York City’s new counter terrorism call to action.

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2 thoughts on “If You See Something, Play Something

  1. Reblogged this on studiokiss and commented:
    Now, this is very funny. I would love to walk into a subway car and see all those Saxophones. It reminds me of Abdhullah the Martian who used to ride the #1 train in the late 80’s with his sax. His way of making money was to tell the people in the car that “Money made him go away” and if they didn’t pony up he would blast he sax for a while or until the money flowed. At some point Abdullah got roughed up and lost his sax so he came up with a new line that worked well with the Upper West Side Liberals. It went like this:
    “Hi, I am Abdullah the Martian and I need money to go back to Mars. I have been stuck here on earth ever since they cut back on the space program back home on Mars.” His punch line was that he promised to take Ronald Reagan with him. He made quite a bit of money from what I could tell and made lots of people laugh in the process. Oh, the old days when the city was just a little less clean but more fun.

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