Sour Sixteen

Hello Team,

As the past had been indicated, Cell phones were allowed if used in moderation inbetween calls. However, i have noticed as of recently that personal calls have been taken on the floor as well as excessive texting. I would have hoped that we call maintain some digression in cell phone use, But at this point i’m going to ask that we cut back. No personal calls will be allowed on the floor at anytime. If there is a priority call that needs to be answered, Please ask to take a 10 and step out. If i see excessive use of cell phones than i will ask you to please put them away. I really don’t want to have to micromanage everyone and their cell phone use, So please just keep conscious of your cell phone use at work. Like i mentioned before, I don’t mind if you use your cell phone to text here and there in between calls, but do not make it a distraction please. I do not want to ban cell phones use in general or at all on the call floor.

Thanks everyone

WIDTS: Your mission, should my readers choose to accept it, is to count the errors in this email message a manager at work sent out. Wow! If you find more errors than I did and can document them, there may be a prize in store. An actual prize. FYI: The language/grammar checker on here didn’t find all of them. 

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