Password Protected

Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Photo credit:

Tech incompetent Co-worker using Internet Explorer(redundant, I know): I am having the hardest time with my internet today. Is your internet working?

Me: Yes, it’s working just fine.

Co-worker: Every time I click on the link for a Google search result, I get a funky error.

Boss: Oh, didn’t you hear? There’s a password required to get access to search results from Google now.

Co-Worker: Well, I never liked Google anyways. I’ll just use Bing.

Me & Boss: OK.

Co-Worker(a few minutes later): Well it looks like Bing copied Google, because I’m getting the same thing there as well. How do I get this search password?

Boss: Google it.

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7 thoughts on “Password Protected

  1. Perhaps this person is no longer an employee and needs a password to get on computer and just has not figured out that “Your Fired” is not just from Donald Trump…

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