Floyd Mayweather, Jr in a WWE ring. Bradley Ce...

According to an ESPN.com story, lawyers for Floyd “Money” Mayweather are filing briefs with the court that say he is being irreparably harmed by being incarcerated.

They complain that he is eating less than usual, being forced to drink tap water and can’t exercise like he is used to.

The brief contains this passage:

The jail’s “conduct may cause, not just huge financial harm to Mr. Mayweather, but also huge emotional harm if he is no longer able to pursue his boxing career because of the deconditioning he has suffered,”

WIDTS: Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that kind of the FUCKING POINT of jail? To suffer for your misdeeds? I find it hard to believe that Mr. Mayweather has gotten to where he is in his chosen profession by being the kind of person that a 3 month jail stint would cause him “huge emotional harm”. Sadly a judge, somewhere will probably be swayed by these fancy words that, when boiled down to their essence say, “I’m a wuss and cannot handle the punishment I have earned.”

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