Father’s Day/Mother’s Day

Well, Father’s Day is coming up and by a happy coincidence, I get to have my kids this weekend for their bi-weekly visit. Which sort of got me thinking. I don’t recall having this occur in the past. I did a search on Wikipedia for the scheduling parameters of both Mother’s & Father’s Day, pulled out a calendar and started counting the number of weeks between the two holidays. Sure enough, this year at least, there are 5 weeks from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. In case it has escaped your attention –and based on the rest of this blog, for some of you it has– that is an odd number of weeks. The reason this is significant is because when the kids were with their mother for Mother’s Day, the regular rotation of weeks made it so that they are automatically with me on Father’s Day this year. Awesome!

But there was still a little burr in my blanket, because as I mentioned above, it didn’t seem to work like that in the past. So I pulled up a calendar and sure enough, because the numbers of Sunday’s in a month can be either 4 or 5, if Mother’s Day falls on the 8th, 9th or 10th of May, then there will be six weeks in between the holidays. Not a big deal right? Wrong!

As most of you are aware, America seems to be a society made up of divorced parents and mixed families. Therefore it boggles my mind as to why, in this country, such a minor problem(3 of every 7 years there has to be a re-arrangement of that weekend’s visitation) has slipped through the cracks, when we have a Congress & a Senate that is so good at solving such inconsequential problems. Why can’t we start a petition to tie these two holidays together by saying that Father’s Day has to be 5 Sunday’s away from Mother’s Day. That way the legions of divorced parents don’t have to re-arrange that week’s visitation. Hell, we could even mandate that all judges take these two holidays into account when deciding visitation. They should just write it into the divorce decree that all women will have their children on Mother’s Day and then their weekends will be that weekend and every 2 weeks after that. If you made Father’s Day five weeks after Mother’s Day then single father’s would automatically have their kids on Father’s Day and their visitation weekends would be that weekend and every 2 weeks after that.

An added bonus would be that on those weekends when your kids were with their other parent, then you’d be reasonably assured that when you went out on the town that weekend the members of the opposite sex you were engaging with would likely be unencumbered with children. This would be a huge benefit in that hopefully there would not be a re-boot of the TV show, The Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch opening grid, season one

The Brady Bunch opening grid, season one (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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