LeBron Haters Change Tack

English: Basketball player LeBron James during...

With LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to a NBA championship last night, all the LeBron haters have taken a new course to ensure that their predictions of him not being able to win multiple titles will come true.

The LeBron Anti-Fan Federation (LAFF), chaired by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and populated by everyone who has never played an organized team sport in their lives, have just announced an initiative to persuade the NBA, and other professional leagues, to get rid of their playoffs and not crown a yearly champion.

When asked why LAFF was taking this unorthodox step, Mr. Gilbert responded,

“Let’s face it, Cleveland is never going to win one of these mythical championships, so in the interest of fair play, we say just do away with rewarding excellence and all the other positives of working hard for something, expand the regular season by 10-20% to make up for the lost revenue of the playoffs and even increase revenue and award participation trophies to all players. It seems to work in children’s leagues. Plus, this will give people a lot more to debate in sports, and really, now with the public’s ability to find any stat or factoid on their phones at a moment’s notice, barroom debates have sort of died out. We want to bring those back.”

It seems like they’ve thought this one out pretty well. They must have a lot of time on their hands with not being in the playoffs year after year.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I was a member of LAFF until Game 6 against Boston in this years Eastern Conference Finals. While I will never be a ‘fan’ of LeBron’s, I do have to admire the evolution of his game and his maturity. It’s too bad that he had to do it under the intense spotlight he created with “The Decision”. Congrats to LeBron James and the Miami Heat on their 2012 NBA Championship.)

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