Scratch ‘n Sniff Tattoos

OH. MY. GOD….. It’s the QUEEN of those I mock on my blog.

Staked in the Heart

I have to admit I was shocked when I heard about this one. You know how everyone now has at least two or three tats? (I don’t even have one. I’ve seen too many friends have to get painful laser tat removal.) Well, there’s a new place to showcase your amateurishly drawn custom ink design. No, it’s not on the inside of your lip, across your forehead or in your eyeball. It’s……..on your anus.

And you thought anal bleaching was way out there. Btw, my upscale salon offers anal bleaching for $100, along with the usual Botox and facials. Their clever marketing ploy for getting you to turn your Chocolate Spider vanilla is to ask the burning question, “What? You want a big brown asshole?” This prompts you to race to a hand mirror the instant you get home to check yourself out, make sure yours isn’t one of…

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