So Relieved

So this weekend my soon-to-be 17-year old daughter again spent the weekend. She has a condition called HHT. I’ll spare you the technical definition, but suffice it to say it gives her headaches, nosebleeds and on more than one occasion it has caused her to pass out; once behind the wheel of her car. Needless to say, she uses a LOT of Tylenol.

However, she is not what you would call a “pill-popper”. Why is this? Well, for one, her mother moderates her medicinal use and two, because she doesn’t use the Tylenol in pill form. She takes it in liquid form. Yes, there is liquid Tylenol, and no it’s not the children’s type.

It is a rather rare thing to find in stores, which I found out this weekend. My daughter was having a flare-up of her condition and had forgotten to bring some of the stash she keeps at her mother’s so we stopped at a couple of places to see if we could find some. After the third place and not finding any of the normal strength, only the children’s strength, I got a tad frustrated and asked her why she couldn’t take pills like a normal almost-adult. the answer? “Because my gag reflex is so strong”

WIDTS: Her response was a relief to me and made her pending womanhood much easier to swallow.

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