What Was That Again?

Me: I have cancelled your account and an email confirmation should be arriving shortly…

Caller: OK, lemme open up my email…

Me: ..if it doesn’t appear in your inbox please check your Spam folder. Your Refund ID is 81349 and you should be receiving the funds in 5-7 business days.

Caller: Lemme make sure I have the Refund number right. It was 813489, right?

Me: No, just remove the last 8.

Caller: Say it agin, if’n ya don’ mind.

Me: 81349.

Caller Oh…, just take out the last 8.

WIDTS: Yes, take out the last 8, just like I did on what I thought was your IQ. 

© 2012 by What I Desired to Say….

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7 thoughts on “What Was That Again?

  1. I’ve always wondered what it was like on the other side of the phone :) I think some people purposely act stupid because they are lonely and want to appear to have friends.

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