Triple Confirmed

Me: OK and just confirming, that was Glenda Williams, right?

Caller: Yes, Williams with an ‘s’.

WIDTS: I’m sorry, but I think your new family name shall be ‘Morons’. 

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6 thoughts on “Triple Confirmed

      • I just consulted ReferenceUSA through one of my local public libraries. It’s a publicly available database that lists every non-blocked white page listing in the United States.

        It lists one “Williamz.” By Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation it’s an accidental typographic error in the listing. I will truncate a bit to allow the poor woman some privacy, but this is public information and you can find the details without much trouble.

        Desiree Willaimz on Shiloh Ln, in Bossier City, LA 71111. Her phone number starts 318-746-xxxx.

        I could call the number tomorrow, and ask her if this is really her name. She might think I am a pest, crackpot, or nut (which I clearly am, but even I stop somewhere and set some limits). She might think I am a stalker. (I myself have been stalked in a mild way, but not to the point that I felt seriously threatened or called law enforcement.) She might decide to change her name. (I once taught 4th grade in a ghetto school.) The toughest kid in my class (whose mom was rumored to be a prostitute) was named “Standley.” I asked him if that was the correct spelling, and Standley the tough guy who made every other kid in the class cower in fear, started crying. I didn’t press the issue as I wasn’t entirely sure that Standley was not capable of beating me up.

        Anyway, if you want to document this a little further, give Desiree a call. I looked up the house on Google Maps. It looks like a nice bungalow surrounded by trees.

        62,000 people near Shreveport. Looks like a pleasant town from the webpage, but I have never been to LA.

      • I don’t know how “documented” this is. One of my public libraries accesses a database called “ReferenceUSA” essentially a listing of all public white page addresses and phone numbers in the United States.

        It contains the following listing. It might just be a typographical error. It lists a phone number. I am reluctant to call the person for the following reasons: 1) She might think I am a pest and a weirdo (which I clearly am, but I draw some limits. 2) She might consider me a stalker and call law enforcement. (In reality, I experienced a very mild case of stalking once, though never so serious I called cops. Anyway, I found he following name in the Bossier City, Louisiana white page listings

        Desiree Williamz on Shiloh Ln, in Bossier City LA 71111. Her phone number starts 318-746-XXXX. If you want to call her, you can find her actual number. Just don’t tell her I referred you, please.

  1. Whoa! I just checked a different database at a different library. It does not list phone numbers for residences, but I found 13 Williamz, including Joanne, Katy, TX, Sylvia, Castle Rock, CO, Janie, Branford CT, Taneglisa, Chiefland, FL, Porsha, Windsor NC, Tony, Aztec, NM, Asia, Rockaway Beach, NY, Christina, Moore, OK, Cheyanna, Lockport IL, Jasmine, Chicago IL, Destiny, Upper Marlbor, MD, Paul, Gaithensburg, MD, and Simone, Detroit, MI. This from Database, USA. If there was one Mr. Williamz, he moved around quite a bit, fathering mostly girls.

    Anyway, I think that’s pretty documented and I rest my case. Though it’s late, and I forget my original point. But that’s what I wanted to say, whatever it was.

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