Degrees of Intelligence

Hello Sally,

Thank you for replying to Zubb, Ltd’s Early Payment Initiative. You have mentioned in your last email that you would like to stay with the contract on file rather than receive payments more quickly from Zubb, Ltd. Just for the sake of making sure we have the correct info recorded for ZYX, Inc., our records do not show a contract on file between Zubb, Ltd. and ZYX, Inc.

In order for us to get you paid on the Net 30 basis you reference instead of the new Net 60 standard we are moving to, please fill out the attached form completely, making sure to include the title of the contract and the name of your Zubb, Ltd. contact. Without that information, there is a risk of having Zubb, Ltd issue payments on a Net 60 basis starting on 10/31/12 since we do not show a contract on file.

Thanks for your time and efforts,



I have asked our records department to provide you with a copy of the contract because we would like to receive full payment within 30 days rather than you taking a 2% discount off payment for our invoices and paying us in 30 days.



WIDTS: Sally, may I assume that you are a walking advertisement of a society that values a fucking piece of paper over actual intelligence and ability? 

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