For My Health, Dumbass

Today, I went to the local fast food establishment {<~~ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY!<~~} that is running a promotion based on one of Milton Bradley's most popular board games. Hell, it might be the most popular board game ever. I'm pretty sure it's the most famous board game of all time at least. But anywhoo, I'm sitting there with my headphones in listening to music and using the free Wi-Fi and this dude comes up to me and basically INSISTS that I talk to him. WTF, man?

So, being the asshole I really want to be nice guy I am, I take out my earbuds and say “Yes, how may you inconvenience me more, dipshit?” “Yes?”

And he shows just how much lack of common decency chutzpah he has by saying, “I don’t mean to bother you but… are you playing the game?”

WIDTS: No, I’m not. I eat here for my health, motherfucker.


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