The Odds Are…

Saw a commercial for Publishers Clearinghouse the other day and something started eating away at me. I couldn’t figure out what it was until today when I was watching the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard’s mom visits and she and Sheldon start talking about the odds that two whackadoodles like them could be connected by someone as comparatively "ordinary" as Leonard. And then it hit me.

For all of the alleged ‘Winners’ of their sweepstakes, you’d think by now everyone in America would personally know someone who knows someone who knows someone that actually won, right? The odds would state that this is extremely likely at this point.

So why do people that I know not know anyone that knows someone who has won, hmmm?

And then it hit me. I need to move next to a winner so I can make sure that the math of probability will no longer be wrong.


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