Yesterday, where I live there was freezing rain. We don’t get a freezing rain very much. In fact, we get one about every 8-9 years. So this was an unusual day for us. However, winter weather is NOT abnormal. However, some people who have lived here their ENTIRE lives still haven’t quite grasped how this whole winter thing works yet. How can this be? Well, read on! LOL

So because of the freezing rain, streets, parking lots and sidewalks were really slippery. You may have seen the below video:

Yeah, that slippery. We even discussed it all morning: How we were telling a particular employee to not bother to come in because he was stuck in traffic watching people slide off the road right in front of him. How the boss had salted a path from the front door to the female office worker’s cars so that when they went to lunch, they would hopefully not slip and fall. We even discussed why so many people had decided to not do errands that were not urgent and required.

So, what does one of those office workers do? That’s right, she goes outside to check the mail. And falls on her ass.

WIDTS: I realize that getting the mail is all you know how to do here, but… seriously?

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