How Things Work


WIDTS: Well first you have to tightly wrap the cord around your neck one time…

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2 thoughts on “How Things Work

  1. Oh, my. Am I the only person who posts comments here? Once I was a high school teacher. One of my students was kind of funny and very irritating. Imagine what Bill Murray was probably like when he was about 14 years old. One day he was cutting up in class and pretending to strangle himsef with a cord from the window blinds. Only he really did make a noose and start to choke. I remember reaching into the desk drawer to get some scissors to quickly free him from his “noose.” I remember my hand pausing over the scissors. I remember thinking, “Do I REALLY want to save his life?”

    It would have been the perfect crime. That was almost 40 years ago. I hope you wonder what really happened for at least a day. Assuming anybody besides me reads this blog.

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