Mummy Knows Best

want to bring mummy and daddy on honeymoon

WIDTS: You’re going to be a lot closer to BEING a mummy than you are your mum if you allow your parents on your honeymoon. 

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2 thoughts on “Mummy Knows Best

  1. My husband was 38 when we got married. He had never been married before, and I quickly learned WHY. He is the most whiny, high-maintenance, attention seeking individual on the planet. To add insult to injury, he was raised by wolves and didn’t get a whole lot of attention from Mommy growing up…sooooooo, guess who he thought would step in and be Mommy! It’s been almost 18 years of habilitation (I won’t say rehabilitation, because he was never habilitated to begin with) getting him to grow up and be a big boy. I love my husband (for reasons I sincerely don’t get) otherwise I’d long since given up, but a good deal of living with him is putting up with a 55 year old toddler.

    All I can say to this guy’s fiancee is: RUN LIKE HELL.

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