We, The People…


Question: if Congress works for us and we pay them out of our taxes, why do they get to give themselves pay raises? As their employers, shouldn’t we, the people they serve, have final say-so on whether or not they get a raise?

Just a thought…


Me: Accounts Receivable, please.

Receptionist: May I know what this is regarding so I can direct you to the right person?

Me: Sure. I’m calling on behalf of Z.I.P. regarding changes in their Accounts Payable department that will affect timing of payments to your company.

Receptionist: OK, I willl connect you with Vince Rage. He’s in Receivables, though.

WIDTS: With such short-term memory issues, I bet you never are sad for longer than than it takes to shove a gumdrop up your ass.

Locked and Mentally Unloaded


Post on a pro-gun rally page:


our we inviting the wonderful pastor from the bsaptist church in orem to this…that man is gifted


A Hi-Point CF380 pistol, unloaded, with the sl...

A pistol, unloaded, with the slide locked back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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191st Semi-Annual Idiot Week Has Begun!


Today is the first day of the 191st Semi-Annual Idiot Week where companies all over the country(world?) see an increase in the number of idiot calls coming into their offices.


Because too many people have not yet figured out how to change the time on their VCR’s/Microwaves/Security Alarms and are too mentally deficient from having to wake up an hour earlier than their bodies think they should be awake to actually figure it out on their own.