Press the Pound Key. Repeatedly.

IVR: To search for an employee by last name, please press 6.


Me: (beep)


IVR: Using the keys on your telephone, enter the person’s last name followed by the pound sign. For the letter ‘Q’ press 7. For the letter ‘Z’, press 9. 


Me: (searching for ‘Northern’, I enter 66784376)


IVR: To be transferred to John Navarro, please press the pound key.


2010–11 Cruz Azul season

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



And you’d think that was the bad part? Well, OK it was. But the real WIDTS moment is as follows: Because I KNOW for a FACT that the person I searched for works at this particular company, I decided to just scroll through the employees until I found the person I needed or I went through their entire list. You know, because I had nothing better to do for the next hour. Well, except writing this blog post. ;)


Anyways, the gods were apparently with me, because I had initially decided upon using the ‘Listen to the previous name in the directory’ option, but 2 names into that process, for some reason I decided to use the alternate. After pressing the ‘3’ key 17 times, I heard the name of the person I needed to speak to.


So to sum it all up, to reach the person I needed to speak to I ended up punching a total of 27 key presses(not counting dialing the actual phone. Automated dialer, y’know?), when really a total of 9 would have done the job.


WIDTS: Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? 



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